Mission, Vision And Values


Our mission is to facilitate the recovery of individuals experiencing mental illness or homelessness by providing flexible community-based support and outreach services.


Toronto North Support Services is dedicated to ensuring that individuals with mental illness and those who are homeless receive the same opportunities and entitlements as all other members of society.



Individuals experiencing mental illness or homelessness are welcomed and supported to access the array of services and supports that best meet their unique needs. Diversity in all its aspects (e.g., background/history, complexity of needs, language, age, customs, values, sexual orientation, gender, faith/beliefs) is welcomed and respected. Services are provided based on an anti-oppression and trauma-informed framework.

Hope for growth, development and recovery:

All people experiencing mental illness or homelessness have the potential to grow, develop and recover in ways meaningful to them.

Individualization and flexibility of approach:

Individuals experiencing mental illness or homelessness are all at different phases of recovery and should be able to access services and supports specific to their needs.

Self-determination and choice:

Individuals exercise the right to self-determination through access to information, the making of choices and personal growth. People must have control over the decisions that affect their lives and be provided with the information and opportunity to make their own choices.

Mutual respect and responsibility:

All people have the right to be treated with respect. TNSS believes in the value of mutually respectful relationships between and among service users, staff, volunteers, Board members and other community stakeholders.

Transparency and accountability:

People deserve to understand how the agency works and to hold staff accountable for what they do. Toronto North strives to create an environment that promotes open, non-judgmental and respectful communication among all individuals connected with it.